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We believe that every child is a shining star! Our vision is to create a unique and fun place that will make a child feel as though they are a star floating in the night sky. A place that will encourage children to play outdoors and embrace nature. A place that offers endless hours of imagination and creativity. And most of all, a place that will put a twinkle in their eye every time they venture out to play in the home that was made just for them. The Star Gazer Playhouse will incorporate elements from the great unknown sky and inspire its visitors to reach for the stars. Kids will enjoy a space that incorporates draw back panels that, when open, can create a totally open platform for star gazing or, when closed, can provide a great place to retreat and get lost in their fantasies. The fully functioning telescope allows visitors to get a real look at the amazing things in the sky as well as enjoy the playful star themed space.

The Star Gazer Playhouse will mimic the brand-new Star Gazing platform being created in Briar Chapel. Briar Chapel has always been a haven for all things green and earth friendly. Our residents and builders believe in respecting the Earth and its natural resources. We are excited to take this inspiration and Shoot for the Stars!”