Click on the running man icon to explore inside the play home

Team Tuscany is excited to be tasked with building a playhouse for kids.  Our goal is to create a playhouse that would capture kids’ imaginations and let them play and generate any world they envision for themselves.  The theme of our playhouse will be a Farmhouse.  It will be a typical Farmhouse build – with a small front porch.  The name of our playhouse will be “Rooster”.  We were inspired by the Johnston County rural farming communities.

On one side of the barn on the outside will be a fold down workbench which we hope to put up some type of peg board so they can hang their “garden tools” on.  On the other side of the Farmhouse – we plan to have a “rock climbing wall”.  We will also have a planter box in front under the window perhaps. Inside we plan on building a toy bench with a seat and storage inside.

Our goal for the inside is to have vaulted ceilings, ship lap on the walls, chalk board painted walls and possibly LVP or rustic looking vinyl tile flooring.

The color scheme for our playhouse will be a white siding and red roof.