Click on the running man icon to explore inside the play home

Our vision for The Meadows Cottage was to build a playhouse designed for both girls and boys. It represents a place of imagination, creativity and fun!! It appeals to children because it truly allows for them to “play house” in a realistic environment and further enhances their imagination and creativity.

The front porch is a welcoming place where you can read a book, enjoy the warm sun and just hangout.  When you enter the cottage you will feel at home with the cozy décor of reclaimed wood and vaulted ceilings.  The “mini kitchen” is reminiscent of a traditional playhouse kitchen that even an adult will enjoy!  Brightly colored fabrics and kitchen utensils make it perfect for the chef.  The “Fort” area makes a great reading nook, a place to do homework, play a game or have a sleepover.  You can even check out the sights outside with your very own periscope and slide!

Our inspiration for our playhouse came from The Traditions Meadows Community.  Grandparents reliving their childhoods and enjoying the merriment of their grandchildren laughing and playing.  A playhouse built for Sunday dinners, sleepovers and imagination at Grandmas house.

Our team has paid careful attention to the design and construction of our cottage and we believe it will fit well in any backyard!