Click on the running man icon to explore inside the play home

Our proposed Play Home will mimic a camping RV with many interactive functions, both built-in and detachable, based on outdoor recreation and learning. With special attention to detail and safety, our goal is to utilize all available space, while leaving an open interior plan for maximum efficiency and room for friends. Our Play Home will be 8’ long, 8’ tall including the flag pole, and 8’ wide. Depending on the donated materials and what becomes available, we would like to use cedar for as much of the structure as possible, due to its aesthetic qualities, light weight, and overall usability. We will incorporate multiple closed viewing windows on either side or the structure, plated in plexiglass, as well as discrete, covered, functional ventilation windows for maximum comfort and safety.

Staying with our camping/outdoor recreating theme, our team has pulled ideas from our own experiences and come up with a list of fun activities for the children to take part in.  We will include as many of these ideas as we can without over-crowding or complicating the design. Examples include a toy grill, toy fishing poles, inspiring décor, painted with Terramor colors outside and clear varnish inside to preserve the wood cabin feel within.  If we are allowed to and able, we would like very much to incorporate some electrical capability, as we would like to install some small outdoor lighting units to the Play Home, which require a weather-proof, low-voltage transformer to be installed on the rear side. We also plan to set up a tent and picnic table as props, once the play home is on display, which will be tucked away neatly while being transported.

Each of my team members has taken charge of different aspects of our design, depending on their experience, interests and skill set. Collectively, we will ensure the safety of any and all children, parents and others who come into contact with our Play Home. We want this to be a truly inspiring experiencing for those who encounter our Play Home.