Click on the running man icon to explore inside the play home

The inspiration behind the Storybook Cottage is just as the name implies….a classic little cottage house that could have been plucked right out of any one of our favorite childhood storybooks. It’s designed to be a place for imagination, creativity, and adventure! Whether that’s pretend play on the upstairs balcony or sneaking out the back door to shoot down the slide. The cozy corner under the balcony makes for an excellent hide and seek spot, or the perfect little reading nook. Then after a long day of play, just fold down the retractable table top and there’s plenty of floor space for camp-outs and sleepovers! And to top it all off, all of the walls are covered in a subtle blue chalkboard paint….so this will be the one place where kids can explore every inch of their colorful creativity and never get in trouble for coloring on the walls. We all know that some of our greatest adventures are the ones we read about in storybooks. So why not unleash that wonderful sense of adventure by giving them a Storybook Cottage of their own to play in!