Click on the running man icon to explore inside the play home

The Team Siena Playhome will be a NC inspired lighthouse. We feel it will appeal to both kids and adults due to traveling to the beach and touring lighthouses being so ingrained in the NC family culture. We are going to make the exterior decoration fun and appealing to catch kids’ eyes but still classy enough that the adults will be proud to have it on display in their yards. The playhouse will be appropriate for all age groups; in younger kids the simplicity of the interior will foster imaginative play; for older kids, the ability to climb, “hang out” and have a comfortable space to write, draw, play video games, etc will appeal to their growing independence.

The base and height will fit within the allotted requirements with an “entryway” added post transport. The simple interior, in addition to fostering imagination and allowing for the owner to customize to their specific needs/tastes, will make it cost efficient to build and allow for more of the budget to go toward accessories on the exterior to give it a fun and inviting feel as well as lend to creating the “curb appeal” the adults want in an outdoor structure, i.e. potted flowers, rock wall notches on the back side, cushions for the rooftop loft area.