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Kids are always on the move…and just as adults need to make a pit stop to refuel, so do the kids.

Our vision is to make the matchbox/hot wheels cars service station come to life!   Bring back the nostalgia for the adults and introduce a new generation to the joy of playing with a life size service station, complete with car and gas pumps!  Adult kids from the 60s, 70s and 80s can introduce the joy they had when they were kids to their own kids.

We believe that kids will want to play with this as what kid does not want to “be older” and emulate their parents by driving a car up to the gas station, filling it up and paying for gas?  Or going inside to the convenience store and talking to the person behind the counter. The Kwik-Stop provides a one stop destination for just that.  Kids can cruise in to refuel, grab a snack or just hang out with friends on the front porch.

What a unique opportunity to have this displayed in the yard as so many kids in the neighborhood will be intrigued to see a “not so traditional” playhouse!   They can roll play and act out all kinds of different scenarios.   We can even add a garage door / garage bay to help the kids (and adults!) play like they are working on a car! The ultimate grown up experience for your child!