Click on the running man icon to explore inside the play home

Team Cheswick has decided to honor the first responders of Knightdale by modeling our playhome as a fire station. We will name our play home “Cheswick Fire Department, St. 1.”

Children’s imagination’s constantly run rampant. Giving them a place to roleplay and be heroes of their community will provide endless fun.

With the entertaining design we have created, we believe everyone will love to have a fire house in their back yard. Even the parents will want to join in on the fun.

While this design is primarily geared towards children, the overall theme will also attract adults. It not only will provide hours of fun for the children, it will be a beautiful addition to the yard.

This playhome will be an enclosed structure with a perch. We will have props to help children fully engage their imagination and we even are throwing around the idea of installing a fire pole!

Over time, this playhome can be used for many things. One possibility is to Install a garden around it and use it as a shed or even updating it to be more “adult” and have it be a great backyard hangout spot for friends. There countless possibilities for reuse once the young ones have become too cool to hangout in the backyard.

With the quality materials used by our generous donors, we will be able to build a long lasting, quality product that will withstand time.

Our playhome will fit the theme of our community by simply that, being part of the community. As Knightdale continues to grow, recognizing the first responders risk and demanding work is a sure way to fit in a community.

Our platform, being built on a strong, transportable foundation with minimal attachments, we will be able to move it around with the help of a skid.

To build this play home within the constraints and keep our concept in order, we will take a couple approaches. First, we will go around our community, explaining our purpose in hopes for prop donations to add to the feel of the playhome. Second, we will thoughtfully design our playhome by counting “sticks and bricks” to minimize waste and be on target with the budget. After all, we do have a solid team. Bryan the Builder, Katrina and Brittany the Creatives, John the Purchaser, and Pablo, King of Budgets.

This playhome will be multifunctioning when it comes to play. From day-to-day use to having a sleepover with friends.

Wanting to think outside the box of a conventional “home” we took the route of a fire station to stand out as much as possible and really have a fun, original project.